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track history more precisely in documentation for individual source files consider symlinks from files in build tree to source tree (via a build/source symlink so build can link elsewhere) allow shared-* for API functions (requires tweaking dispatch) speedups for more architectures speedups for more microarchitectures consider faster PRF for the keyed hash giving the nonce merge subroutines in source to the extent possible scan for and remove any unused functions and files restructure for more merging at object-code level sort object files (for, e.g., improved cache utilization) optionally allow post-installation patching of current cpu as an exceptional cpuid (based on benchmarks and, with more CPU time, full functionality tests) dispatch: eliminate, e.g., avx2 if avx is higher priority speed up dispatch cpuid tests (lazy evaluation, merging cpuid calls) randombytes: support getrandom, getentropy verify constbranch, constindex full functional verification